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This seem to me a case of either over-diagnosis or “easy way out”. It doesn’t seem logical that you’d suddenly be allergic to so many things. This happened to me when I was fat, they blamed everything on that instead of actually checking

So far, they’ve barely blamed it on anything in particular apart from maybe stress. I’m not entirely sure of the dairy because I can’t name the effects. I’m pretty much down with the rest because I can tell which effects they have and that they certainly weren’t there before.

What I don’t know is where the allergies actually come from. If there’s any kind of malfunction/disease behind them or if it’s just my body going haywire becuase of too much stress, too much processed food to which my body is over-reacting, a combination of both or one allergy causing a chain reaction. All of them are possible. It’s not uncommon for allergies to appear all of a sudden. Recently, a lot of people seem to be getting many at a time and nobody really appears to know why.

I’ve had a number of things checked because of the reash I had and because I kept getting the flu for half a year: general elaborate allergy test, blood and urine test and regular examinations. The only result they provided were: healthy apart from the allergies. My blood levels are nearly perfect.

Gonna go see my doctor again because of my sore wrist, might ask him about the constant flu thing (gone since mid february, thank god) i comination with all the allergies again.

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